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APEX Reporter

Identifying opportunities is always a challenge for companies doing business with the government sector, but APEX clients have an advantage: the APEX REPORTER, a customized report which prescreens opportunities related to a client’s profile and business plan. APEX searches and screens from more than 40,000 federal, state and local listing sites to match a client’s government selling objectives and capabilities.

For salespeople, time is always an issue in identifying opportunities. The APEX REPORTER saves valuable time by providing the analysis and distilling the process of finding opportunities so you don’t miss them. Through our unique business methodology, we identify relevant opportunities from more than 40,000 federal, state and local listing sites, then fine tune and vet our searches to match a client’s objectives and capabilities. We ensure the opportunities meet a company’s established metrics by analyzing hundreds of other data points, such as agency missions, budgets and programs, and relevant government journals. We also participate in numerous government and industry events to help crystallize the whole process.

Once we have matched the client to relevant and viable opportunities, the client receives a customized APEX REPORTER. It identifies the opportunities and provides critical data for the development of bid or no-bid strategies, plus means and resources to build the pipeline and manage the programs.

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